Admission Considerations to UNC’s PharmD Program


University of North Carolina's Enshelman School of Pharmacy pic
University of North Carolina’s Enshelman School of Pharmacy

Sherif Mohamed El-Refai joined the Markey Cancer Center in 2014 to work as an oncology pharmacist. Prior to this stint, Sherif Mohamed El-Refai earned his PharmD at the University of North Carolina’s Enshelman School of Pharmacy.

The doctor of pharmacy (PharmD) is a professional degree for pharmacists that enables an individual to take a licensure exam and practice as a pharmacist in the clinical setting. In evaluating candidates for admission, the University of North Carolina considers several factors.

Prior to seeking admission, the applicant must have already completed two years of undergraduate study, but they may be accepted regardless of whether they will have a baccalaureate degree or not. For those entering without a baccalaureate degree, a transfer equivalency process will need to be undertaken. All math, science, and general education prerequisites should also be completed.

The admissions committee will do a holistic review of the applicant’s academic performance: Pharmacy College Admission Test exam scores, extracurricular activities, community service experiences, and leadership experiences. The applicant’s personal statement is also weighed into the decision.

While prior pharmacy-related or healthcare experience is not a prerequisite, having them in one’s portfolio is recommended. Prior experience in undergraduate or professional research is also a plus.


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